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Welcome to the official page of The Art of Wine Farm to Table Project, the central place for wine and food tours and tastings in Split area.

What started as a small wholesale and retail business focused on wine and delicacies became a real labor of love, an organization dedicated to educating and promoting Croatian wine and food through programs such as wine tours and tastings as well as producing organic wines and foods in our own garden and cellar.

Everybody involved in the project is a passionate wine and food lover and every piece of information on this web site is drawn from our own personal hedonistic experiences.

Wine tours, tasting experiences, specific wineries and tasting menus  have been carefully selected and developed uniquely for this project and our version of a wine blog will give you simple 101 info on Croatian wine that should help you navigate through hundreds of labels written in a language you are not that familiar with from a region you and the rest of the wine drinking world just discovered.

For more information about the tours, prices, availability, visits to specific wineries or tasting experiences feel free to contact us and we will be happy to steer you to some great and unique wine and food experiences.

You can read about experiences of our dear guests on the testimonials page.

From October to March please email and/or call before visiting since our availability is limited.

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